Cosmetic veneers

Cosmetic Veneers

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Cosmetic Veneers


Ceramic veneers and a single dental implant to replace a “baby” tooth, together with closure of the Diastema (gap). Patient failed to develop an adult canine (top left), so the baby tooth was removed and an immediate dental implant placed, Empress ceramic veneers were fitted. Difficulty here is to make the canine look like a lateral incisor.
Cosmetic Veneers


Difficult case, with patient refusing orthodontics (braces) therapy. Orthodontics cannot correct tooth size, shape or colour, hence ceramic veneers offer another solution. This patient also had Zoom Advanced tooth whitening simultaneously with provision of veneers.
Cosmetic Veneers


4 front ceramic veneers.
Cosmetic Veneers


Ceramic veneers for an advanced case which refused orthodontic (brace) therapy.

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